halo / February 20, 2018

5 things I wish I knew about hair in my early teens…

1) The damage of pre lightening hair incorrectly: If I had one thing to say to young me about hair, it would be to put the bleach down. Paying £8.00 for a tub of pre lightener and developer seems too good to be true? That’s down to the fact that that is way too good to be true! I remember spending my Saturday nights reinventing myself and my look, plying grams after grams of pre lightener on my hair and hoping for the best whilst I stare at my now orange tinged hair in the bathroom mirror. Bleaching agents are way too technical of a chemical to just be experimenting with when you’re bored. The capability and long lasting damage that bleaching agents can cause if used incorrectly most certainly isn’t just short term.

2) Cutting in a fringe: Picking up the scissors at 16 is only ever going to be acceptable if you’re partaking in anything that’s not cutting your own fringe in. Watching one online video titled ‘Fringe Tutorial’ does not qualify me in the art of cutting my own bangs, yet at 16 I failed to realize this. The more you cut off to balance, the shorter and somehow wonkier it seems. Most salons openly cut a fringe in for a very small price, and sometimes even free so it really is beyond me why I ever attempted a DIY fringe but I know two things for certain, 1) A headband fast became my best friend & 2) I never tried it again.

3) The over curled look: Spiral curls and crimped side fringes haven’t been a thing since the 80’s, so considering I was only born in 1995, It really makes me wonder why I ever tried to give it a comeback. I remember the attitude and sass I gave off, as I graced the school corridors on annual picture day, bopping my freshly curled and crimped hair about filled with pride. The overly curled layers to the point where they stuck out at an angle and fringe so crimped it looks like it was about to just drop off, was my go to look every time it came to picture day at school and I still can’t look back at those photos without my whole body automatically cringing. My layers were actually so curled that they gave off their own shadow from the camera flash on the backdrop.

4) Braiding was never in: I am also haunted by the memories of all the tantrums I raged into when my mum refused to let me get my hair braided on holiday. Every summer I’d count down the months not just to the big summer holiday or 6 whole weeks off of school, but the colourful tight braids that were soon going to invade the front section of my hair. I’d throw tantrums so hard that no one would have the courage or energy to argue back and inevitably I’d end up flying back to England rocking the neon pink braids. Oblivious to the fact that 6 weeks later, I’d be sat on a stool in my kitchen, screaming and crying at the pure agony that was removing the said braids and the sections of hair falling in front of my face from all the sudden tension I’d put my poor hair through.

5) The one thing I wish more than anything, that a younger pre hairdresser version of myself knew was the fact that not every hair colour and cut that celebrities pull out of the bag is going to be the ideal cut and colour for myself. These days we have Instagram and Pinterest to drool over and hunt through for our next look, but let me take you back to a time when the internet was used more for online messaging groups whilst school was out and liking your friend’s funny photos over email. Any magazine I picked up, especially featuring my favorite singers and artists, I instantly obsessed over and repeatedly flicked through every page until I found a new high fashion look I wanted to try out. Little did I know that posh spices little pixie cut would look a little less flattering and petite on my pre-teen acne covered chubby cheeks. Thank god, now I’m a hair stylist I can write about all this is jest and take it upon myself to warn people from repeating my mistakes.

I am hoping after reading this, I’ve scared you from repeating history and if you can relate to any of these, I FEEL FOR YOU.

Written by Halo Stylist, Georgina. 


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