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The ultimate guide to Reuzel!

Rotterdam, a lively city rich in culture and style only an hours train ride from Amsterdam itself, is the birth place of the brand Reuzel. Two men named Leen and Bertus began learning barbering at the age of only 14 years old, and were heavily influenced in their work by classic barbering technique. Leen and Bertus ran a successful salon, one of the busiest in the city and became very high sought after stylists, but felt sometimes their work was let down by the lack of diverse products available for men in terms of hair styling and male grooming… and this is where, Reuzel officially came into play.

Being the brain child of two of the most successful barbers known, it was always predicted and expected to be of a high standard, they wanted a range of products that could be used on any length hair for any desired style that they could physically use on their own clients with confidence, and that is exactly what they managed to create. Reuzel, the brand, is made up of 100’s of different products, from hair care to beard care for all different beard and hair types, and the diverse range they supply is something they are most proud of.

The products:

Blue Pomade: This water based pomade was designed for coarse and more stubborn textures of hair, the kind of hair that typically tries to do the opposite of what you would like it to do. It’s very dry in texture in terms of the actual product, which aims to stop dry hair types from drying out the product which then in turn helps the product to not crumble or flake off the hair.

Red Pomade: This water based pomade was designed for all hair types, because after all, it’s nice to have an all-rounder. The hold with this pomade is softer than the rest, and would be best compared to the same hold as a stronger wax. It’s still going to keep your style, and hold out all day but it is a lot safer to use on fine hair types, as the product is not as dense and heavy in texture.

White Clay: A one of a kind water soluble matte clay, this clay is designed for shorter hair which needs more definition and hold. It was created for a more active person, i.e. someone who needs the style to keep no matter what activity they’re doing. Worried it won’t hold all day and night at a wedding, or in the sunny hot weather abroad? Look no further, this product is for you.

Pink Pomade: This pomade is probably the strongest of the lot, and was created for very thick hair types that need a heavier hold. The product gives a nice natural shine to the hair, which is perfect to use after a fresh cut to give definition and healthy appearance.

Green Pomade: This medium hold pomade is the same as the rest in terms of it being water soluble, and gives a medium hold. It’s more a greasy product, which is perfect if you’re sporting the wet looking slicked back look which is going to be all the range this spring and summer (2019).

Reuzel Scrub Shampoo: This shampoo is to help cool and tone the scalp, with a unique blend of spearmint, witch hazel and rosemary. It provides a deep clean of the hair, helping to chase out stubborn product particles whilst promoting a healthy scalp. An invigorating sensation on the scalp, a sensational scent, and an all-round hard working product. The ideal shampoo for infrequent hair washers or a person whom styles their hair with heavier styling products.

Hair grooming tonic: Hair tonic might seem a little bit bizarre, and you might be very unclear on its uses are, but let me explain. Hair tonic is an oil free formula that helps to keep the hair in place all day. You apply a small amount to wet hair after shampooing, before drying for thermal protection and to help get a little bit of lift in the hair. You can apply more if you’re aiming for a wet look, or brush it through for a more natural look and dry texture, very versatile.

Beard Balm: Tame the wildest of beards with this mild woodsy beard balm, containing Shea Butter and Argan Oil. It gives a light to medium strength hold. The aim behind beard balm is not only to help style unruly beards, but also reduce beard itch and ‘beardruff’ (The man will know what I mean!) and promote a healthier and thicker looking beard. Beard Foam: A leave in beard conditioner, helps to soften tough textured beards and soothe the skin beneath the hair. The patent pending formula is very similar to the beard balm and helps to reduce beard itch and beardruff whilst promoting a thicker beard and healthier hair growth. Beard foam over all helps to treat the skin beneath a beard, whilst reducing split ends and taming rogue hairs.


Our opinion: We love Reuzel here at Halo, not only for a gentleman clients but ladies with the short style, it’s our ultimate go to product for definition, texturizing and holding styles and we’re sure you will too. Why not ask your stylist at your next appointment to use it during your service and give it a try yourself? Better yet, feel free to pop into the salon for a product run down, and we can help you find the ultimate pomade or grooming set for yourself.

Written by Georgina, Stylist.


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