halo / October 2, 2019

 Fashion Forecast: Autumn/Winter 2019

It seems that another season is done and gone and way behind us in our rear mirrors, as we steer closer and closer to the colder seasons to come. It’s hard to keep up with the constant patterns and changes in the fashion/makeup and hair world, especially as season’s transition, so make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and let me do all the hard work for you, as far as hair is concerned…

  • Middle Parting Power!:

The middle parting makes its comeback this season, we will be seeing a lot of strong, sharp and straight partings. The kind of parting that looks like it’s been perfectly carved. We are personally loving this vibe at Halo this season, and the evidence is all over the catwalks!

  • The return of the bob!:

Following on with straight and sharp perfection, watch out for an influx of one length bobs this autumn/winter! A sharp and precise base line with no layers except maybe a little bit of face framing texture, is what this winter is going to be all about! Daring to go for the chop? Now the times to do it! Why not donate your hair if you’re a little anxious but know you’ll LOVE it once it’s done, it makes having the chop a little easier knowing it’s going to a good cause!

  • Headbands, headbands everywhere!:

I’m so happy this trend has been reborn this season, and I know a lot of people are too! We’ve seen the high street shops really catering for this trend, and a lot of clients bringing in headbands to be in cooperated with a hair ups in the salon. This trend gives me MAJOR gossip girl vibes, if you need head band inspiration, just google ‘ Blair Waldorf head bands’ and prepare to be just as head band obsessed as us!

  • Copper!:

This season is the red heads season to SHINE, copper bobs and different variations of red are taking over. We’ve seen balayages that start out dark copper and fade into light copper, we’ve seen bright copper highlights with a subtler more natural copper surrounding it. We can’t get enough copper, we’re going copper mad!

  • Blonde BOMBSHELL!:

If you’re a blonde, and you love the ice queen blonde look, I’ve got good news for you. Balayage looks to be slightly dying down, at long last, and it’s all about foils again. A full head of foils, packed in to the maximum, finished off with a white gloss toner = NEED/WANT. Say good bye to rooty blondes and bronde mixes, its all about the snow white hair and rootless clean look. This white ash colour looks amazing with a sharp centre parting, as it really boasts and shows off the minimal amount of regrowth.

The team at Halo are strong believers of breaking away from the crowd, and having styles and colours that represent you and help bring your style and personality to life, but we also like to ensure we’re doing our job as hairdressers to inspire and motivate changes with your as the fashion trends move on. Why not pop into the salon for a complimentary colour consultation, we can take some time to sit with you and see your ideas and tell you what we think would suit you based on your skin tone and other influencing personal factors? We’re all about person centred consultations.

Written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo


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