halo / June 19, 2018

Dealing with: Dandruff & Dry Scalps

First of all, what people often don’t realize is there is a significant difference between suffering with a dry scalp or dandruff.
Dandruff appears in large flakes with a more yellow tone to them, it causes an irritating itch on the scalp that seems impossible to ease at times and with the scratching of the scalp, the scalp turns a red colour and starts to feel a lot more oily and hot to touch than it normally would if you weren’t suffering with a scalp condition.
A person suffering from just a dry scalp will experience flakes as well, but a lot smaller in size and on a lot smaller scale and white or flesh coloured flakes at that, never yellow. A dry scalp does causes an itchy as well, but is more easily relieved through scratching and in most cases, doesn’t affect the colour of the scalp unlike Dandruff ( unless you’ve really gone to town on the scratching). A dry scalp is simply caused by too much moisture, or things such as hormones & stress and is very easily treated with the correct products and a little bit of patience. Dandruff is more of a medical condition or caused by aging, and is often caused by already outstanding skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. It also takes a lot more patience to deal with, as it takes slightly longer for products to take affect and clean out the issue. Often Dandruff will go and come back with flares, that’s the scalps way of telling you that whilst the products you’re using is helping, it’s only short term and you may need something stronger or in some cases, even medically prescribed by a trained professional considering it can be a medical condition.
There are a lot of products on the market that have been designed and created specifically for Dandruff or Dry scalps, but often it turns into a case of trial and error and process of elimination due to everyone’s scalp and scalp conditions being unique to each individual.
Products I have found that work over the years are things such as pre shampoo treatments and oils, which are used prior to washing the hair to help loosen and draw out flakes and calm the scalp. Shampoo’s such as Bain Dermo-Calm and Bain Anti-Pelliculaire within Kerastase’s exclusive Specifique range work to target problem areas on the scalp and eliminate imbalances and impurities, as well as being packed with patented anti dandruff agents that won’t be found in any other product on the market. Taking away anything that causes you stress to you on a day to day basis is a pretty unrealistic expectation of me to ask anyone, but by actively trying to reduce stress levels you automatically reduce your chances of suffering from a dry scalp, and are already half way to living in harmony with your scalp.
Anything we can do to help, we pride ourselves with, and to avoid any doubt of which products could work for you or even just to help you take your first steps to happier hair and scalp, we do have person centred prescription cards and consultations on offer at Halo, by taking your specific problems and putting that data within our specialized in salon Kerastase app, we can give you the perfect combo of products to take away with you.



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