halo / August 29, 2018

Extensioniste: Kerastase’s answer to hair growth.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be very familiar with the feeling you get when someone comments on how long your hair is getting, fighting the urge each time to carry out a sassy hair flick and a cheeky wink. But if you’re anything like me, you might also find that you tend to struggle with hair growth and often don’t notice the growth yourself which can be very frustrating. I’ve previously done a blog explaining why hair doesn’t grow fast or seem to grow fast and how we can speed up the process by promoting healthy lengths and ends and all that still very much stands, but this new shampoo and conditioner line by Kerastase is designed to do just that without all the messing around with different products and methods.

Extensioniste products are a brilliant mix of amino acids and creatine designed to strengthen, improve elasticity and rebuild the internal structure. The light weight but silky formula works to target weakened hair and more brittle strands of hair, reinforcing them and working on their resistance individually and as a whole. The amino acid works as the building blocks of the hair, without a strong foundation there will be no successful final product, so unavoidably this is a very vital area of the hair to focus in on and care for. The stronger and more reinforced the hair is, the better the ability it has to grow. The creatine that is included in this shampoos ingredients, is an ingredient common among body builders and fitness fanatics and it is for the same reason it is becoming more and more commonly used in hair products.

Creatine adds strength and energy to the hair fibres, helping them to better protect themselves and in turn grow healthier without being compromised by physical damage that may be applied to the hair. The small amount of Maelic acid in the conditioner helps to soothe and purify the scalp, bringing the PH level back down to where it should be, even after chemical processes which in turn helps the hair to grow more successfully. A healthy scalp = Healthy hair. The compounds within the conditioner help to break down chemical ions that may be stuck in the hair from more advanced colours carried out in the salon that include the use of pre-lighteners and toners, which if left in the hair can contribute to weakened length and split ends.

The hair quality is scientifically proven to be increased by 55% after just one use, and after repeated use this shampoo can cause a more rapid rate of hair growth. Kerastase have studied this specific range of products for years prior to release, fine tuning the ingredients to hit perfection. The essential and main ingredients within this line, have all been patented, meaning no other company or product line will include this same blend of ingredients making it 100% unique. This new product line is perfect for anyone seeking healthier and better quality hair, but also wanting to increase the rate in which their hair grows. It is not without saying that, this product may not be the exact product needed for your hair straight away, if you’re suffering with breakage or an unbalanced scalp or any other issue that you know isn’t right or could be improved, there are more prescriptive and person centered shampoo lines to try first to cure the problem. The other shampoos, conditioners and masques within resistance are cures, this range is more the maintenance after the cure


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