halo / August 7, 2018

Fashion Forecast: Autumn/Winter 2018

 As hard as it is to think about, in the midst of Britain’s biggest heatwave since the 70’s, autumn and winter are slowly creeping up on us now as we spiral into August faster than anyone intended and wanted. The summer days will slowly draw in the early darkness, and our sun beaten locks will need plenty of TLC after this hot spell we’ve all experienced. Hair styles will be needing their annual up grade and switch up and we’re here to tell you what you can do and what you should be doing to adhere with the upcoming trends for the next season of 2018.

90’s revival: Hair accessories that were often sported during the 1990’s will become all the range, this is already evident on the cat walks and runways showcasing the upcoming trends. Anything from zig zag head bands to banana grips, all the way to barrettes and scrunchies… You can’t get 90’s enough this autumn/winter. Using these accessories in the most simplistic ways to spruce up a simple up do or conceal or purposely accentuate second day hair fashionably.

Dream Girl: This look is all about looking like you’ve walked straight out of the TV. The perfectly healthy tips, the unbelievable shine and the flawless but subtle blow dries and blow outs. You want to be looking like you’ve got a personal hair stylist to do your hair every morning, but in the most natural and discreet way. Keep up with regular blunt cut trims, and embark on a mission to find the perfect shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray to give you that shimmering shine and cover girl locks.

That Old Chestnut: It happens every year, as if by routine, everyone opts for a darker hair colour and richer tones, especially from October onward. This classic but stylish colour is making its regular rounds again, but this time, bigger and better. Look out for mocha browns, with hypnotizing blends of different coffee and nut tones to compliment the fall mood and apparel.

Dirty Blonde: The perfect relaxed vibe, an equal amount of effortless effort and unnatural naturalness. Golden Wheat tones, Sandy Blondes and Buttery blends often with a slightly darker root shadow to give an even more perfectly imperfect look. This oxymoron colour aims to give off the girl next door feel, but with an edgier kick and an easier up keep.

Embrace Your Texture: Girls, it’s 2018… why are we not learning to embrace our natural qualities and quirks? The run way is dominated with amazing twists on the models natural hair structure, for example, if your hair is curly, why ruin what other girls work so hard to achieve? Just exaggerate the curl with product or increase the volume with a bouncy blowout. Straight hair is so simple but so beautiful if done right, why stress out trying to keep the curl in hair that clearly longs to stay straight, work on the shine and making the ends healthy and rock that perfect one length straight do. Natural beauty is bursting from its seams on the run way for winter this year.

Of course, no one is saying these styles and colours need to be implemented into everyone’s autumn and winter look, and by no means are we saying you’re not fashionable if you don’t follow these upcoming trends, but these are what we’ve spotted rocking the runway and are the looks that will be consuming the interest of the fashion savvy over the next few months and will be becoming more and more visible over the coming season.


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