halo / July 24, 2018

Get the curl: Hair Hacks and Help

In an age where straight and flat hair is the furthest thing from what we want, it’s hard adapting our quick once over straightening skills to meet our new hair wants. There are plenty of small little things to keep in mind when trying to achieve the perfect GHD curls on your own hair.

Preparation is key: Nothing lets down a hair style more than skipping the vital step of preparing the hair, but it is often skipped regardless due to people’s lack of knowledge in the area, that’s where we come in, to guide you down the right and more successful path with your curls. Using a mousse or curl cream in your hair after shampooing and conditioning, regardless of whether you are blow drying or leaving your hair to dry naturally will help change the texture of your hair which in turn makes the curls take and hold better.

Curling before it’s dry: There is literally no point in trying to style your hair into curls before the hair is completely dry, with no sign of water moisture with in the hair. The only thing you’re going to achieve is heat damage throughout the hair, and a crispy looking kink rather than the curls we’re trying to achieve. No matter how much heat protection you use, the hair will become damaged by using GHD’s on damp hair.

Sectioning off makes a difference: Investing in some sectioning clips, like what you see us use in the salon, will help you to take neater and more accurate sections. Taking your sections too thick won’t save you time and effort, due to the heat not penetrating the curl will end up limp, lifeless and flat. Sections when curling should really be taken one inch by one inch, to ensure even heat exposure and penetration and an even amount of bounce on each curl.

Hands off: Allowing the curl to cool down before touching will set the curl and the structure of the curl, therefore making the style more durable and long lasting. ( Little Trick: The use of pinning up clips will help to hold the curls in place longer whilst they cool down. Pinning the curls in a loop formation, as if there was a roller there whilst the curl is still hot and fresh, and removing the clips together once it’s all at the same temperature to touch will ensure the curls will hold and stay the same. Once all the clips are out, use a light wax or serum on the hair and run a wide tooth comb through the hair until you feel happy with the results. The more you comb, the looser and beachier they will appear.)

Know your angles: This all depends on your desired look, knowing how big and bouncy or natural and wavy you want your hair to look has a lot to do with how you use your heated styler. If tight and bouncy traditional looking curls are what you’re after, use your stylers horizontally. If beachy, loose and long curls that don’t really take away your length are what you are after, use your stylers vertically. If you find your hair doesn’t really hold a curl very well, no matter how fine your sections or how much prep you put in, always style your curls vertically to allow a drop and fall out. You can always use your hands to pull out and comb to drag out the curl and manipulate them to how you would like them if they end up too curly.

No matter, how much I write on this subject, practice is what makes perfect in this region of hair styling and trust me, you’re bound to have a few stressful experiences, but hang in there! Good things come to those who wait. Why not ask your stylist for a little demo at your next appointment, after all, we are trained by GHD themselves.


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