halo / October 19, 2017

GHD Infinite Styling

GHD are back again, and as always upping the hair game with this year’s seasonal limited edition range. Drawing inspiration from the mysterious beauty of the night, they have created what we at Halo think is their most beautiful line yet. The lust worthy limited edition styler comes with a completely new body, containing a musky misk of vivid purples and soft violets colour scheme with even the plates being finished with a glimmering iridescent purple. The new and improved body features more of a barrel shape roundness to  make them GHD curls even easier to create this party season. If you think that sounds impressive, I haven’t even touched on the new technology fitted into this styler! Break-through technology promises no more than a 30 second heat up time and the built is tri-zone technology aims to protect the hair from heat processing and tirelessly works ensure even and optimum temperature consistently across the entire plate, meaning all hair is exposed to the same temperature evenly resulting in healthier and shinier hair in just one stroke. The enchanting blend of colours teamed up with the new and improved technology is hard to reject, successfully capturing your attention and your heart at first glance.

Struggling with your own hair?

The first step to better hair is self-acceptance, accepting you need a little hair help here and there to help you learn the methods and skills behind salon finished hair. What better way to learn than from your hairdresser? Here at Halo, alongside our annual GHD Party Night, we offer a range of styling lessons all year, at only £34.00 per hour.
During this session, your choosen stylist will help you pick up simple tips and tricks that hairdressers globally use to achieve that picture perfect look that we all aspire to achieve. A simple prescription card to start with to help you choose a shampoo that will accentuate and aid your hair in the desired look, aswell as show you multiple ways to hold and direct your hairdryer to get that big bouncy hairstyle that most people find hard to achieve at home ( if that’s what you desire.), aswell as a mini tutorial when finishing your hair with our GHD’S helping you get maximum use out of your soon to be star styler. Enquire online or phone for the salon for more details. We look forward to seeing you.
Written by, Georgina at Halo

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