halo / March 6, 2018

Why your hair will NOT grow past a certain length.

 Similar to what I mentioned in my last post, another common complaint I hear at least twice daily on the salon floor from my clients is the exclamation, of their hair not growing past a certain length, and though I fully sympathize and can heavily relate, more often than not there are small factors we can change to encourage healthy hair growth.
Please note the key word ‘Healthy’ in that last sentence. Now there is nothing worse than confidently going for the cut of a lifetime, knowing that before the season where you want long hair swings back around, your hair will of grown leaps and bounds again, only to get to that season and be stuck with the dreaded in between hair cut phase and hating past you for ever making the decision to have your hair restyled.
The next few sentences may sound odd and maybe won’t translate clearly but the best way to grow your hair, is to keep cutting it. Now let me explain, as your hair grows from the roots weather that be rapidly fast or slow and steadily, the older hair on the ends is repeatedly getting put under the stress of heat styling, brushing, colouring as well as environmental factors that do damage the hair, and due that hair being a lot older and in turn weaker at the ends, the hair physically cannot handle anymore abuse and eventually breaks away.
This can be very gradual and unseen to the human eye or very visible and obvious depending on the TLC we show to our hair. This is also the explanation for you ladies who always seem to have a good amount of regrowth at your colour service, but don’t feel your hair is necessarily any longer than your last visit. With regular trims, spanning from 6 to 8 weeks, the older and more sensitized hair is getting gradually taken away by your own will before the split ends manage to work up the hair shaft causing chaos. The more regular the trim, the more hair growth is promoted. Believe that or not.
Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat”? Well if you put that saying into practice when you think of your hair, then you’ll automatically get a bigger growth rate.
The more unhealthy the food you eat, the more of an issue you could have with your hair. A healthy and balanced diet, including the essential vitamins and nutrients are really going to revitalize your hair and stimulate the scalp more effectively. Anything like eggs, spinach, chicken, salmon and good old natural sunshine amongst other things are all great for the hair, containing a lot of vitamin D and Iron.
Another big contribution to the lack of hair growth comes from your home routine and how you deal with your hair away from the salon, as well as the products you do and don’t use shelter your hair from easily avoidable damage. You’ve come out of a steaming hot shower, you’ve spent 45 minutes procrastinating and avoiding having the battle with your brush, you finally let down tight towel turban that’s been silently strangling your hair and start going in at your damp knotty hair with your old school paddle brush that you got for your 21st birthday, sound familiar? Here are 3 simply tips, all involving just one standard wide tooth comb that could change your life forever:
1) Always comb your hair dry, before even thinking about stepping into that shower cubicle, working all the knots gently out of your hair to avoid further tangling whilst shampooing.
2) Once your mid lengths and ends are evenly coated in conditioner, again, take your wide tooth comb and very gently comb down the hair from root to tip, the movement of the comb can stimulate the scalp whilst also working to eliminate any knots that could have been achieved whilst shampooing.
3) And lastly, ditch that paddle brush until we are ready to blow dry, pulling a the brush on wet hair can cause a lot more breakage than necessary especially with wet hair being a lot more elastic than dry hair. Simply comb the hair from the length and ends working up the roots in large section to ensure all the hair is tangle free, and distribute your chosen styling products and ta da! You’ve already saved your hair from 70% less stress and breakage.
So next time, you’re about to leave your hair 3 months before a cut or bite into that burger or drag that paddle brush through your vulnerable wet hair for the 5th time that week, think of the growth you could be achieving with just a little more thought and patience.
Written by, Georgina at Halo

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