halo / March 27, 2018

Introducing… Instant Highlights.

How many times have we all sighed, wishing for a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of every day life? A chance to take a step back, indulge in some ‘me’ time at the salon and come out a whole new person. As if! Is what you’re thinking, right? No one has time for that.
What if we told you we had answers? Kept under wraps for many months of researching and development, Loreal have now brought out their new break-through product.. *drum roll* 30 Second Foils: Instant Highlights.
Oh and before you glance back to check you read that right, you most certainly did. We now have the power to have you leaving the salon with that new woman feeling we naturally crave, in half the time. Meaning, a sneak out of the office on friday afternoon, or some refuge from the kids on a crazy saturday afternoon takes half the time and leaves you feeling half the guilt.
Instant highlights are applied where needed after a normal colour consultation, and development is accelerated with what we can only describe as a magic wand gently hovered over the foils to ensure a even lift of up to 8 levels. A toner can still be applied, all the normal routine that comes with ordinary old school foil techniques, just in literally half the time.
This speedy in salon service gives you the colour boost you need, or the colour add on you’ve been trying to pencil in your diary for weeks but with alot more lee way.
This look is perfect for balayage styles that just need that extra ‘oomph’ or darker colours that need a little bit of brightening ready for the summer months. The perfect tool to be equipped with when striving to achieve everyones summer hair in time.
Instant contouring, Instant revival, Instant highlights.
Enless possiblities, in half the time. Ask your stylist at your next service to see if this is something you could introduce into your life.

Written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo.


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