halo / September 27, 2017

Kerastase Touché Chromatique

The summer months are flying by at a rate much faster than the British public hoped for, and as we all desperately pack our social calendars with endless events and plans making the most of the 4 months we spend the other 8 months dreaming about, why do so with less than picture perfect hair?

Touché Chromatique is the perfect solution to all hair colour worries this summer season. Crafted and Created by the one and only Kerastase Team, Touché Chromatique is designed with a new formula including instant ink care ingredients to gracefully and instantly combat colour fade weather that be natural fade or environmental fade. Touché Chromatique softly stains your existing colour, concealing imperfections and leaving behind a much more replenished and even result, much like the effects of a full head tint but without the time, commitment and cost.

Touché Chromatique’s promise to prolong, protect and enhance is not only limited to in salon use, making it unique against other toners. For only (insert final price here) you can take home your own professionally matched product and not only get maximum use out of your new holy grail colourant but also use it when you feel necessary due to the lack of damage the product causes.

Each colour pigment is intermixed with the Chromative Luxury Mask, meaning not only are you getting colour deposition but the masque is also working to deposit its light reflecting qualities that the chromative range is already famous for. Touché Chromatique truthfully boasts to add a kick of vitality to even the most faded of colours, bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘ colour renewal’.

And whilst the usual cool blondes and fashion tones are fully available, Touché Chromatique is one of the first products to work on a true to colour formula for Brunette hair too. This makes it perfect for that Pre – Holiday Boost and Post – Holiday fade that most brunettes suffer silently with.

Don’t be shy, why not enquire at your next colour service and gain the key to unlock endless colour opportunities.

Written by, Georgina at Halo


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