halo / October 20, 2017


As a hairdresser, the thing I hear clients complain most about is the control, or should I say lack of control they have over their own hair. Second to that complaint, a lot of clients express concern over the condition of their hair in general, not even just colour clients, all types of clients. My job is to focus in on these worries, target them and combat them, and that’s exactly why I am writing this blog in hope to educate you on a versatile service that can dramatically change the way you see your hair.
KeraStraight is a one of a kind service, a true revolution in the world of straightening and repairing hair, not only internally but also externally. Kerastraight has the power to transform even the thickest and rebellious of hair into a sleek, easy to maintain and soft to touch head of hair. Enriched with Amino Acids, Wheat Protein and of course the famous and unique KS complex formula, Kerastraight not only deposits essential protein and keratin back into the hair cortex changing the texture of the hair, but leaves a moisturized and replenished finish on the hair externally which is both visible to the human eye and touch.

With Brazilian blow-dries taking the hair world by storm, it’s hard to decide which brand is best to commit to. Kerastraight products contain no formaldehyde, a chemical which has been strongly linked to allergic reactions, asthma/COPD and throat & nose irritation, which is shockingly still used in most products on the market today. The Amino Acids built into the KS formula work as building bricks internally, planted in the hair and locked in to help re construct any sensitized areas. Natural found Amazonian fruit and plant extracts help to seal the ingredients in the hair, to ensure maximum product performance and product longevity.

I don’t know anyone who would reject a product that carries out the promise to not only moisturize and protect your hair, but also internally re build each individual single hair. Say farewell to frizz and troublesome styling, Kerastraight also reduces blowdrying time by 40% to 60% depending on the natural water retention of your hair meaning you’re not only getting a better result at the end but you’re achieving that result a lot faster than normal. Kerastraight lasts in the hair for 4 to 6 months, depending on the at home care you provide, which we do advice and educate you on in salon during the treatment being carried out. After the second application of Kerastraight, The hair naturally holds onto the product for an even longer period of time meaning the second round may last up to 12 months, again depending on the at home care you provide your new hair.
Wave good bye to the days of endless blow drying, styling and stress and welcome the days of strong, manageable, revitalized hair!

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Written by, Georgina at Halo


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