halo / November 28, 2018

L’incroyable Blowdry Lotion

This weather is playing havoc with everyone’s hair and inflicting the horrible question of “How are we meant to keep it styled?” Now, I am very confident in saying this, I really believe that L’incroyable is the perfect solution regardless of your hair type and hair length. Let me tell you a little bit of background on the product, to give you a better feel for why we’re always constantly singing its praises in Halo.

L’incroyable is a re workable and re activating hair lotion, it works to be able to re shape and re mold your hair style using heat sensitive micro wax which invisibly melts back down to help revitalize and enhance your original volume and shape. L’incroyable, the word itself directly translates to Incredible in the English dictionary, and the product itself is just that and really lives up to its name. Loaded with Kerastase patented S R S technology, the product helps to create strong bonds within the hair but without that drug store stiffness and stickiness, which no one willingly signs up for or wants.

L’incroyable reactivates with 120 degrees of heat, meaning you can go to sleep and rest easy knowing that a simple blow of a hairdryer will activate the product within your hair and bring it back to its former glory. Whilst it does reactivate with heat, there are many other properties within this product that guarantee heat protection from heat up to 450c degrees, meaning all this talk of hairdryers and heat activation doesn’t have to scare you.

The elastic polymers help to put an invisible rain coat over each hair, and provides frizz and static protection for up to 96 hours, which also reduces the worries of how you’re going to keep your blow dry in perfect shape all day or night.

L’incroyable really is the product to reach for, as party season fast approaches, why not ask for it to be used in your blow dry when you’re next in the salon and try out it’s reactivated properties yourself!

You won’t believe your eyes!

written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo.


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