halo / June 6, 2018

How To: Make The Most Of Your Blow Dry…

Whether you pay to get your blow dry done by the professionals every week or spend hours on a Sunday night completing the perfect weekly blow dry , it can be frustrating to say the least when said blow dry doesn’t last as long as we hoped or planned.. It can be a varied amount of reasons that contribute to a blow dry not lasting as long, but here are a few hints and tricks to help you along the way!
1) Fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail: When the hair is freshly washed, a lot of people tend to skip a very important part out of their routine. Prepping the hair before the blow dry is a key part to the process, using products such as mousse for hair that struggles to keep its bounce and anti-humidifying and anti-frizz serums to thicker more rebellious hair. You can cook chicken without salt and pepper and seasoning but it just tastes so much better with, it’s the same concept with prepping hair, it just looks and lasts so much better.
2) Taking a section: Taking your time to blow dry the hair section by section really helps to keep the blow dry looking at its best for longest. Dividing the sections into smaller and finer sub sections ensures the hair is completely free of moisture and helps to penetrate the products deeper into the hair cortex.
3) Keeping the perfect hold: Hairspray is a vital element in keeping a blow dry, now don’t get me wrong it can be very much so be a case of trial and error and finding the hair spray that suits your specific hair type and hair needs but we aim to help out with that process with consultation and retail cards. Hairspray helps to shape the hair and keep it exactly where you need it, using a light spray doesn’t take away its natural bounce, it just helps set the hair in place.
4) Bringing scrunchies back: We all know the fear of laying down in bed at night with a fresh bouncy blow dry, worried that the volume will have been destroyed. Using a light weight scrunchie and scooping all the hair to the very top of the head and sleeping with it up will help to keep not only the movement through the lengths and ends but also the volume will have a new lease of life from being lifted up. Remember to use a scrunchie rather than a normal elastic bobble to avoid bobble marks when the up do is taken down.
5) The fine art of sweating: Of course, no one is encouraging you ditch your usual gym routine or fitness regime for the sake of a blow dry but using an absorbent head band when working out will help to stop it implicating the blow dry.
6) Refresh and Reset: Using a dry shampoo in a morning will be like a second wind to any bouncy blow dry, it helps to absorb the oil straight from the scalp and push the wash day on by at least a day. Alternatively, use the hairdryer on dry hair as you would it being wet and re style the hair in slightly larger sections to force a little more body and movement into the hair. Use a low heat setting at the end to help cool things down faster. 
We wish you the best of luck with your blow dries, Ladies x
written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo

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