halo / May 3, 2018

How to make the most of your hair appointment.

Every six weeks, give or take, you make your familiar journey to the salon, ready for your latest make over.
What if I told you some handy tips and tricks to consider in order to cut out some in salon erm-ing and ahh-ing and get the most out of your appointment slot.

1) Photos and Media: We live now in a world that is ran by social media and dependant on online resources, why not harvest the need to browse on line to find your new style? Instagram and Pinterest are two of the best apps packed full of content regarding the latest and the greatest in the world of hair and trends. Walking into a salon dead set on the style you want cuts out a big chunk of time spent procrastinating and thinking and gives the stylist more time to dedicate to the actual service, whether this be a cut or a colour. Why not even check out Halo’s Instagram page (@halo_hair_group) and see if your stylist has uploaded any transformations from the week that you can use as inspiration? We did create them formulas and styles after all.
2) Will I suit it? The biggest question I get asked from clients seeking a change, big or small, is do I think they’ll suit it? And I can say from my own experiences, not knowing if a style will suit you or not until it’s too late is a very daunting feeling. Every stylist at Halo tries to guide our clients down paths that will accentuate individuality and certain stand out features but aside from our advice, why not try it out before visiting the salon? Again, with the internet being a big part of everyone’s life, why not try out the virtual makeover over on Loreals website? (
This is a feature that was designed purely to help people decide what shades, depths and styles go best with their look before actually trying them out, and better yet it’s a completely free service.
3) “I know what I don’t like” – Everyone has had a mistake with their hair at some point in their lives, not intentionally but perhaps had a fringe cut in without knowing they have a strong cowlick or had a pixie cut in hoping it’ll be easier in the mornings before work without realizing it’s probably just as high maintenance except now you can’t just tie it back? Making your stylist aware of what you don’t want whilst trying to think of a style you do want makes it easier for us to narrow it down. We can take the information you have given us based on what you don’t like and think of what the opposite of that could be and how it could suit you and your needs. There is nothing fussy about knowing what you don’t want.
4) Honesty- When it comes to colour, there is nothing better than honesty. We ask a range of questions on how you’ve treat your hair since your last visit or if you’re a new client, what has been used on your hair prior to you sitting in our chair and this is to get a better understanding of what the hair has been through and what formula we might need to mix to combat any contra indications. Admitting you have been using home colourants or attempting to bleach it up yourself isn’t anything to hang your head in shame at, we simply need to know in order to deliver the best results possible. Think of it as a pre-op before an operation, we need to think of the best strategy for your particular needs and past possible complications.
5) Take our advice – Everyone working with in the salon has been trained to a high level of education regarding hair in order to feed that information back to our clients and it shows in not only the work we do but the consultations we provide. Not only have we qualified, but we’ve been on multiple courses focusing in on how we can give the best possible results. We attend regular product workshops and regular fashion forecast courses to keep us all up to date with seasonal trends. We rely all this information this knowledge back to our clients via consultation to help you make the best decision for you, because we care. Our advice could save you from a fashion disaster, especially if you’re indecisive or impulsive.

Written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo.


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