halo / March 20, 2018

Purple shampoo & the many questions that come with it…

Purple Shampoo is a saving grace when it comes to maintaining blonde between visits to the salon, working to cancel out any unwanted tones and refresh the tones we do want, it’s safe to say the product itself is very clever…It can be used not only on hair that is undergoing a colour correction service but also as a simple maintenance tool for cool based blondes but there’s a lot about purple shampoo that confuses clients, especially people new to the blonde side of life, hopefully this can offer some clarification..


Question One) Will this clean my hair?

Answer: Purple shampoo has a very low amount of cleansing agents, it doesn’t have the strong cleaning properties that normal shampoos do since it focuses more on toning and neutralize the hair rather than cleaning it. Saying that, it does lather and in turn remove some build up from the hair, but I would advice you wash your hair with a normal shampoo first before purple shampoo, especially if you find your hair needs washing daily or hasn’t been washed for a couple of days.


Question Two) What shampoo can I use alongside purple shampoo?

Answer: Any shampoo is eligible for use on blonde hair, as long as it is sulphate and paraben free, these properties tend to build up on the hair and stop purple shampoo and other toners from being as effective as they could be. The Aura Botanica range by Kerastase is something I would regularly suggest to my blonder clients, due to it being made up of 98% natural products, in fact the only thing that is unnatural is the perfumed scent. This way you know your hair is being cleaned properly, but without negatively affecting the colour.

Question Three) Why is it purple in colour?

Answer: On any colour wheel, the colours that lay opposite one another counteract each other. Yellow sits across from Purple on the previously mentioned wheel, meaning if we apply something with a purple pigment to something with a yellow pigment, it will cancel it out automatically.

Question 4) I’m scared my hair will go purple, what would I do if it did?

Answer: The darker and more pigmented the colour looks in your hand, the better the purple will work to counteract the brassy tones. This can be quite overwhelming to look at in a bottle, especially if your hair colour is like your child. If purple shampoo is left on too long or the hair is porous and damaged, the purple may tint the hair…  The best solution to this is to shampoo your hair a couple of times with a low-end brand of shampoo, this time something with sulphate and parabens to strip the pigment from the hair more effectively.

Question 5) My hair is very silver and ash on the ends, but I feel my roots hold a lot of yellow. What can I do?

Answer: Once your hair has been wet down and shampooed with a regular sulphate free shampoo to cleanse it, my advice would be to step out of the shower and strategically concentrate on applying the purple shampoo to the brassier (yellow) parts of the hair. Pre-lighteners that are applied globally like a full head tint, tend to go more yellow on the roots where the hair is less porous, so applying the purple shampoo like a regrowth tint and pulling it down to where the yellow band ends will help to even out the colour. By looking in the mirror and applying where needed and not just random and global, the result of the toning will be a lot more even and beneficial.

Question 6) I have Balayage and don’t want the purple to affect the darker part on top and in-between my blonde pieces. What shall I do?

Answer: Purple shampoo does not affect darker hair in anyway, hair that has not been pre-lightened and still contains dark pigment will not be altered in anyway by purple shampoo. Purple shampoo will focus in on the lighter areas and only tone where is needed so don’t be scared to apply the shampoo all over.


Question 7) How often should I use my purple shampoo?

Answer: Everyone’s hair is different, which means everyone’s hair routine is different too. My advice to my clients is to apply the purple shampoo once a week, if you feel you are not getting the desired effect, step it up to two times a week and so on. If your hair has freshly been pre-lightened and toned in a salon setting, I wouldn’t use purple shampoo until 3 washed have passed. This gives the hair’s PH time to balance out and in turn will give you more even and satisfactory results.


Question 8) Which purple shampoo would you recommend?

Answer: Believe it or not, I think any shampoo that appears dark in pigment does the same job as the next. I can only speak from experience of what I have used on my hair or in salon on my clients. Blonde Idol Custom Tone by Redken is one that I use often in the salon, it comes in a bottle designed to twist to your need/want of pigment meaning you can have it super purple if needed or adjust the tone to come out softer for just a slight refresh if you’re due back at the salon any day. A touch of Silver by Provoke is a more low-end shampoo that I can recommend from using on myself, I would advise a very good conditioner is used in conjunction with this product as I found it can be rather drying but really works to cancel out any brass, even in the most yellow of cases.

Written by, Georgina at Halo



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