halo / May 17, 2018

The things people don’t tell you about aging hair…

Whilst women typically don’t suffer with patterned baldness in the same way men do, the process of aging can certainly take its toll on their hair.
Especially after the age of 40, A ladies once prized locks can start to appear finer than it ever has, feel drier to touch and just lack that general ‘oomph’ that its never struggled to have before.
My hair is appearing finer: Everyone, no matter their age, averagely loses around 100 hairs a day, this is considered a healthy shedding. After menopause, a woman’s follicles can begin to shrink in turn making the hair that is constantly growing appear less visible and finer in texture. A common mistake that ladies tend to make is, in order to make their hair appear fuller again, they put the hair through unnecessary tortures such as harsh back combing or sulfate loaded shampoos designed to volumize the hair but in the end just end up weighing it down further. Back combing and using shampoos loaded with cheaper ingredients will only end up making the situation worse, and exaggerating the appearance of the finer hair.
Our tip for hair slowly appearing finer: Find that miracle product line and stick to it. It might be a case of trial and error and it might not be a easy journey to start but we guarantee once you’ve found that product that works for you, your hair worries will surely disappear. Try the Kerastase Specifique range, designed purely for your specific scalp and growth concerns.
My hair feels dryer than it ever has: Similar to the follicles shrinking and causing the hair to appear finer, the oil glands also shrink and struggle to produce and distribute the oil as effectively. Before the menopause and the many changes it brings on with it, the oil naturally slides down the shaft and ensures the hair is evenly coated and nourished, once the production of oil slows down, its alot harder to evenly spread the oil down the hair.
Our tip for hair feeling dryer to touch: Argan oil and religiously using heat protection, in short is the answer to all your prayers. Heat protection is going to help to protect the hair from styling methods that unavoidably use more heat on the hair, and Argan oil, well that’s just a miracle. Argan oil is incredibly hydrating and has been recently proven to be the best oil used in hair products tackling dehydration both visibly and to touch. Argan oil is extremely high in Vitamin E and Fatty Acids which have been tested to not only help add moisture but prevent moisture from then escaping the hair. Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime Oil is a perfect example of the transformation Argan Oil can do to the hair.
My hair feels a lot more brittle: Whilst the hair can lose some elasticity during the aging process, it is more down to product use and lack of protection that causes hair to appear more brittle. If you think about how many times your hair, particularly longer styles, has had colour, lighteners, heat and other chemicals applied and used on it, that’s a lot of stress to go through and whilst salons are equipped with ranges upon ranges of hair care lines to keep the hair safe and soft during all these processes, not continuing the same level of care at home is very detrimental to the health of the hair, therefore causing it to feel brittle.
Our tips for hair that is feeling a lot more brittle: Using a hair care line that is catered especially for your hair needs and concerns helps to eliminate that dry and brittle feeling that we all dread. Even just using a simple hair protection milk before blow-drying can drastically cut down the damage you could be doing to your hair and result in softer and less stressed out hair. Alternatively, whilst I am not a doctor and can’t give any medical advice, extremely brittle hair that seems to be resistant to products trying to soften and restore it, could be down to a simple vitamin defiancy, which is definitely something worth mentioning to your GP if you present any other symptoms of a deficiency.
My grey hair is a lot more obvious now: Unfortunately, the part we probably all hate the most, grey hair does become a more apparent problem the older we get. Grey hair can feel alot different in texture, and if you feel like you’re constantly worrying about when the regrowth will start popping back through, it might be the time to start aiming towards going lighter with your colour.
Our tips about hair that is starting to appear a lot grayer: Pinterest will become your best friend, going light will definitely help soften any harsh regrowth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go a super light blonde colour that you’ve never been before and know you won’t like. Just a few foil in the top section to add a element of light and take away from the contrast will be plenty for some, have a look online and why not pop in to speak to a stylist about how to start your colour journey. It’s scary making such a big change, especially if dark hair is all you’ve ever known, and here at Halo we try our best through consultations to educate and inform you on your best route to take in regards to not only what is achievable but what could suit you. 
Written by Georgina, Stylist at Halo.



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