halo / March 14, 2018

Warm Hair vs Cool Hair

With Instagram providing us with a constant flow of the latest and greatest hair colours each season, it’s hard to visualize and imagine yourself rocking a whole new colour.                                                   A lot of people are scared almost, to step out of their comfort zone and experience the endless opportunities that colouring your hair can provide, but once you’ve taken the first steps into the world of using your hair as a self-expressive accessory I can assure you, you will not look back.

There is a lot more to finding the perfect shade and tone for you, than simply your skin tone and ethnicity but that really is the biggest factor to take into consideration. That’s why I’ve took it upon myself to educate and advise to the best of my abilities via this post, on what colours you should be aiming for this summer, and why.

Warmer Skin: Warmer skin types are the perfect base for warmer and more Parisian tones. Warm skin tones have the ability to naturally accentuate more golden/red tones within the hair, meaning that golden rich brown that is relentlessly advertised on social media every summer season is the perfect colour for you. Saying this, not every-one with darker skin necessarily wants the dark hair to match, meaning this is the perfect chance for ombre or balayage techniques to come into play and have it’s time to shine. The timeless colour melt known famously as the ombre or the balayage is the perfect answer for people crazing to be on the lighter side of the spectrum without over doing it and completely washing out their complexion. We advise anyone with warmer skin, wanting to gradually lighten their base to stick within the golden blonde range to start, in order to keep their golden glow strong. Ash based colours tend to throw the skin tone off balance and can result in devitalized or dull looking skin.

Cool Skin: Contrastingly different to warmer skin tones, cool skin tends to need to stay on the ash side of the tone spectrum. This means the ideal colour for these skin tones tend to be cooler and flatter based colours, equally just as stunning and sought after but slightly harder to keep up with maintenance wise. Anything blue or purple based will work to even out the skin tone and really work that paler skin base to the best of its ability. We strongly advise to stay away from the warm based tones, as anything too golden will cause a contrast and against a fair skin tone may look a lot more copper or yellow than intended to the human eye. When working for a multi tonal look, such as with foils, any warmth juxtaposed next to a ashy blonde will not blend right, and can cause the colour to appear more stripey than intended.                                                 

How to know if you’re warm or cool toned?: One of the most successful and commonly used ways to find out the pigments of your skin tone, in order to correspond your hair colour is by the colour of the veins on your wrist. Even stylists within a salon setting use this old technique to pin point undertones during consultations. If your wrist veins look more of a light blue colour, that tends to point towards your complexion and undertones being cooler based meanig you need to aim for lighter/ash based colours. If upon inspection, your wrist veins are verging more towards a green or yellow colour, then more likely your skin tone and undertones are warm. Of course, nothing is set in stone and depending on eye colour and desired end results, the rules can be altered. Colouring hair is all about expressing yourself and altering your image to showcase your personality in its best light.

Written by, Georgina at Halo


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