halo / November 8, 2018

Winter Hair Hacks

There are many up sides when winter rolls around, lazy Sundays by the fire with a nice hot cup of tea or afternoon walks with the dog in the fresh and brisk air, but there are also a lot of downsides when it comes to the hair and beauty side of things.

Here are some hacks when it comes to sudden weather changes that can cause sudden hair changes:

1) Brittle Hair Be GONE: With the sudden loss of humidity and moisture in the hair, it becomes very easy for hair to turn more brittle, and more straw like, which in turn can cause a lot of people to worry about the condition of their hair. The hair becomes tougher to comb through even when wet, and doesn’t seem to style the same or keep the style it once did.

HAIR HACK: Reduce the amount of heat you’re applying to your hair during styling, if you can get away without straightening or curling with heated styling tools, then do that, for sure. Change your go to Kerastase family range for the Nutritive range ( preferably have a stylist check your hair during consultation to check your hair type is suitable for such a rich shampoo, as finer hair will struggle with shampoo and conditioners that are too rich in moisturizing properties. You find it feels weighed down and oilier). The nutritive range focuses on normal to dry hair types, naturally or environmentally caused, which is what makes it the most powerful product to use at this time of the year. Maybe, as random as it seems, reassess the pillow cases you’re using. Satin and Silk material pillow cases help to keep moisture in the hair, and cause a lot less static friction which can cause hair to feel different in texture in the morning.

2) Split Ends Galore: Unnecessary heat styling comes hand in hand with heat damage, which not only drains the hair of moisture but causes split ends, which no one willingly wants.

HAIR HACK: There is only one real way to permanently remove and keep on top of split ends, and that is to trim them off. We’re not talking about removing masses of hair, just simply keeping that base line and them layers nice and neatly trimmed, will stop the split ends from moving too far up the hair shaft and causing easily preventable breakage. A fresh trim every 6 to 12 weeks depending on your hair will do perfectly.


3) That ‘Horrible Hat Hair’ Flatness: It’s the time of year for hats, and there’s no way I’m going to advise anything other than to wear suitable outdoor wear. But the flat hair look isn’t quite what we’re going for this season.

HAIR HACK: Similar to what I spoke about in my hair styling and setting blog post, hair that is still hot/warm isn’t set yet, meaning if you put a hat on hair that hasn’t cooled yet – you’re going to end up with hat hair as your end result. Wait until your hair is completely cooled after styling, and then slowly ease your hair onto your head. When removing your hat, here is a top tip for you, tilt your head upside down and lightly ruffle your fingers through the root area, in order to revitalize in volume that the hat has eliminated from the hair. A leave in conditioner will be your best friend this season, the more moisturizing the better, anything that’s going to help protect your hair from the sudden temperature changes.

We hope that this has given you even the smallest bit of help, and if you’re already ready for summer, I’m 100% with you.


Written By, Georgina, Stylist at Halo.


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